Cryptocurrencies should not be regulated said, Jean-Pierre Landau


Even with the French officials saying that cryptocurrencies should not be regulated giving a positive support, most of the major cryptos on Monday were slipped.

The man who is responsible to investigate French blockchain regulatory policy Jean-Pierre Landau said that the cryptocurrencies must not be regulated and empathized the potential dangers that can arise if we categorized the cryptocurrencies in the wrong class.

“The danger is three-pronged: that of freezing the rapid evolution of technology in legislation, that of failing to grasp the real nature of the object we intend to regulate and that of pushing innovation towards regulatory avoidance. On the contrary, regulation should be technologically neutral, and in order to become so, address the actors and not the products themselves.”

Based on the

Bitcoin fell about 0.7% and it was trading at $6,700 by 10:40 AM ET on the bitfinex in the past 24H.

Ethereum was also down almost 0.6% to $480 on the bitfinex and the Ripple went down about 1.2% to $0.47640 on the Poloniex Exchange.

In other news one of the biggest Cryptocurrency trading platforms in Hong Kong is going to give $1 Million to the people who suffered from the heavy floods in Japan.

This was known by the CEO Changpeng Zhao.


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