Technical Analysis for Precious Metals


Gold had always played an important roll in the course of history. It has been used to fuse wars, pay for political and religious differences, and most important serve as a currency. Until the year 1971, the US Dollar was backed up by gold.

It is still a backup plan for Central banks around the world in case of emergency.

Technical Analysis Gold XAU/USD

If we examine the XAUUSD with Ichimoku system it is notable that the price is under the cloud, the cloud is in a bearish mode and the tekan sen line is below the cloud.

As for the kijun sen and chikou span they seem to be on the bullish side, meaning that the lines didn’t break to the downside yet.

What might be a good practice is to wait for the tow lines to break the cloud and start looking for any developments of the potential bearish signal.


Next, we have Silver, which may be considered as one of the most invested precious metal commodity. The difference between gold and silver is that silver is being used as a currency for some centuries. Also among others like gold, it is used for jewelry, and as a long-term investment asset.

Many different instruments based on silver are used today for trading like Silver futures, Silver ETFs and more.


Technical Analysis Silver XAGUSD

Based on the IIchimokuSignals we can observe that the price is above the cloud. Having said that the Lines Kijun sen, Tekan Sen, and chickou span seem to be in a bearish mode yet.

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What we would like to see here is the lines to break out of the kumo and form bullish formation in order to start looking for potential trades.


Platinum is essential in many industrial applications due to its extreme resistance to corrosion.

One of the most important features that Platinum possess is the ability to catalyze reactions in the refining of crude oil into gasoline. It is also one of the most popular metals for the use of Jewelry creations.

Another fascinating factor about Platinum is the variety of uses such as the use in electrical appliances, electronic devices, glass, hard disks, silicones, turbine blades and watches.

Technical Analysis Platinum (XPT/USD)

Based on the Ichimoku system we can see that the price is clearly below the cloud and the tekan sen, kijun sen and chikou span seem to be in bearish formation, meaning that they are below the cloud.

The cloud and a spike at the end give us the signal that the trend may continue.

To be able to spot a trade the price needs to break the tekan sen line in order to consider looking for any potential signals.