A Trading Broker You Can Trust

FinMarket undertakes regulated trading with transparency and high ethical standards. In today’s online environment, there are many brokerages and entities offering online financial trading.

It is very important to recognize and be familiar and aware of the benefits and advantages available in online trading, in addition to the risk associated with every trading environment; whether online or even with your local bank.

We believe every trader and client of FinMarket should take the time to fully read and review our Terms and Conditions and Legal Documentation to understand the services we offer, the trading terms and to read all required information.

The first step to a successful, profitable trading experience is trading with a licensed, registered and regulated broker, who provides access and information at all times to you, as a client. FinMarket is highly diligent and transparent with our pricing, commissions, procedures and regulatory and compliance requirements to support you as our trading client and partner.

FinMarket is owned by K-DNA Financial Services LTD. Our CIF license is 273/15 and we encourage you to review our registration record with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission here.

One of the major requirements for regulated brokerages include a certain amount of secured funds held in authorized banking entities to ensure solvency and liquidity of the regulated broker to ensure proper coverage for all trading positions.

Another major criteria of regulated trading at FinMarket includes KYC, or “Know Your Client” requirements and procedures. This means that by law we are required to demand and maintain accurate and authentic verification of your personal identity, your known address and other financial details. This information is used solely and specifically for the purpose of compliance with international and local Anti-Money Laundering laws and initiatives.

All client’s funds are managed in segregated accounts, at all times. This means when you deposit funds to your FinMarket trading account, those funds are maintained securely and safely, in total and complete separation from the brokerage’s operating and trading costs.

We support and encourage your trading success. We do not trade against the interests of our client’s trading positions and leverage amounts to further your trading liquidity are based upon the recommended amount as directed by CySEC, which may vary in different countries and jurisdictions.

Obligatory Reporting and Accounting

FinMarket is required to maintain all our financial records, trading transactions and data at all times. We are also required to report such details to a recognized, third party accounting firm for audit annually or whenever requested by our regulator.